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Why Peritius?

If we had to choose three words to describe what Peritius Consulting provides their client base, they would be focus, consistent and client advocacy.

Peritius is Focused

Peritius is one of the few U.S. management consulting firms that focus exclusively on executing business strategy. Through Outcome Management™, our approach to program and project management delivery, we stay focused on understanding our clients’ strategic vision and relating their high-profile initiatives back to their key strategic objectives.

Although our competitors often bring teams of resources to resolve client problems, Peritius consultants know how to lead your internal and potentially disparate teams.  Peritius' delivery executives specialize in creating cohesive teams from team members that may be located anywhere around the world.

We understand that "making things happen" is a specialized ability that is developed over time and is a product of the perfect mix of people and process skills. Our project managers are our biggest assets, which is why Peritius' delivery executives have an average of 20 years of experience in managing complex initiatives.

Our core competencies for the past 20+ years include:

  • A phenomenal track record of delivering initiatives on time, on budget, within scope and realizing desired outcomes
  • World-class, highly experienced, certified delivery experts who can also excel in a global environment
  • Adaptability to clients’ specialized needs, processes, methodologies and tools
We know what we’re good at, and we’re sticking to it. We hope to apply our core competencies to your company’s initiatives in the near future.

Peritius is Consistent

Organizations spend billions of dollars every year defining their strategies to increase revenue, decrease costs, and streamline operations. But according to studies from Gartner Group, PMI and the Standish Group, the state of delivery is dismal.

We know we can deliver complex initiatives for our clients because we’ve done it before, hundreds of times. Peritius delivers strategic initiatives that are complex, demanding and highly visible. We guide our clients through operational transformations, strategic turnarounds, application integrations and regulatory compliance advances, in addition to implementing business solutions for top executives at Fortune 1000 clients.

We’re great at what we do because we deliver our clients’ initiatives on time and on budget, within scope consistently. That is a given. Where Peritius adds value is that we help our clients focus on delivering their desired outcomes to ensure the strategic value of the project initiative is achieved.

Peritius is Our Clients' Best Advocate

We’re here to work for our clients, not the other way around. Our goal in everything we do is to make our clients look good and achieve success. That means that while we’re delivering on strategic objectives, we’re also actively identifying additional opportunities to help our client course correct if necessary. We don’t have backend partnerships with specific vendors or products. We aren’t trying to sell our clients something that doesn’t fit their business strategy. We get our clients to their optimal solution as quickly as possible while meeting our mutual quality thresholds.

Many of our clients experience trouble institutionalizing a methodology or process across the organization. Peritius has developed a set of tools, methodologies and processes that take a simple, best-practice approach to managing initiatives. If our client has methodology or processes in place, Peritius will adapt to those. If there is no methodology or process in place, our clients are welcome to use or adapt our tools to their organization. And because we value our role as trusted advisor and appreciate the benefits of knowledge transfer to our clients, we work hard to enhance our clients’ delivery skills through mentoring their employees.

Tools don’t drive success—we do. And we know we can help our clients drive success in their businesses as well.



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