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"Successful leaders see the opportunities in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity." – Reed Markham

At Peritius, that is exactly what you will find. Our key differentiators are our people. Our consultants turn vision into the desired outcome, take complexity and drive it to the team in simpler terms. We pride ourselves on our accountability. We go beyond managing a plan. We fail if you fail. We succeed if you succeed. It’s that simple. 

Peritius has developed a set of services based on our proven ability to lead. Our team of committed, seasoned delivery professionals has leadership qualities that inspire team members to tackle challenges to achieve project success. We not only focus on the know-how but also the soft skills required to lead a team, manage executive expectations and drive change in a manner to which your organization can adapt.

What we bring to our clients

Peritius strives to continually innovate new ways to better lead teams to success. We invest in our clients’ strategy and take the accountability to drive to the desired outcome which includes the results from a project completion as well as an organizational change perspective. That is why our clients trust us with their more strategic, complex initiatives.

  • Outcome management is our core competency and sole focus; we continually evolve, refine and improve our processes.
  • Our people are top in their field and have a strong mix of PM logistics and the leadership skills not common for all PMs. We bring objectivity, ability to build strong teams, motivate people, manage people, and proactive risk management. 
  • We make your strategy a reality and have a very successful track record of focused, effective delivery that is timely, within cost, and meets success criteria.
  • We are accountable and work with you toward a feasible execution of your strategy.
  • We plug into your big picture strategy and regularly confirm and communicate alignment to that strategy throughout the project. We serve as your trusted business partner.

Peritius developed our leadership services through many years of client experience, capturing the necessary elements to deliver project objectives and outcomes successfully. Peritius Consulting has the consistency and record of accomplishment to stand out as a clear leader in the strategy delivery space.


Project Leadership

We offer a strategic approach and methodology to ensure that client initiatives are designed around results and outcomes, and that the intended outcomes are achieved. Our methodology has been developed as a practical, straightforward approach. It was developed to help our consultants stay on track and be consistent in their delivery, focusing on the processes needed to realize the benefits of each initiative.

Accelerated Planning

The first and most important step of initiative delivery is scoping and planning, and when this is done properly the likelihood of success increases dramatically. Peritius has developed a proprietary method of planning that transforms the entire experience into one that is faster, cheaper and better.

Outcome Sustainability

Peritius's Outcome Sustainability solution creates and sustains transformative business initiatives by managing people's expectations and proactively influencing their behaviors. Peritius integrates change management into the whole delivery approach and tailors it to fulfill the specific needs of our client's organization.

Vendor Selection Services

Peritius Consulting has developed a proprietary methodology for vendor and solution selection by using framework to customize a set of guidelines and protocols related to approach, documentation and evaluation process.

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