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September 2012

Dear Colleague:

I love challenges. When a client says it can't be done or it's impossible, I think of the movie "A Christmas Story." It's like someone is "triple dog daring me" to solve the problem (but without sticking your tongue on the frozen pole). I have the chance to figure out all of the solutions, including the ones that are "outside the box."


So what does that mean? In this month's newsletter, Alisa Speese, Peritius' chief innovation officer, focuses on the value proposition of implementing new ideas "outside of your box." Contact Peritius at 847-808-9999 if you want to stay ahead of the game by successfully implementing your "out of the box" ideas.


Best regards,


Laura Dribin Werner
President & CEO
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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What's Inside Your Box?

By Alisa Speese, PMP
Chief Innovation Officer


Open box These days "thinking outside the box" is overused to the point where it has become a meaningless cliché. I challenge you to stop and really think about the meaning of the term. What is your "box," what's inside it, and how do you go about getting outside?


New ideas are the survival technique for turning around trouble and propelling success. Ideas can unstick a stuck strategy. They can drive success where success did not exist. Ideas represent the future.


But for most companies, new ideas are implemented depending on how management estimates their chances of success. And that is nowhere near an exact science. It is really, really hard to determine the ultimate monetary value of a great idea. And the farther you get outside the box - the harder it becomes to estimate its monetary value.


Question inside the boxThe main barrier to a great idea is value potential. What is the cost of implementation versus the opportunity for increased revenue, reduced costs and even the intangibles that become harder to justify?


But coming up with that great idea can be difficult too. Define "the box." Can you think of anything that you do today that you plan to keep doing - always? This is the first place to focus attention for potential change. Think about Kodak and Polaroid, who were both leaders in their industries. Neither company could get out of their formerly successful "boxes" and move forward with digital photography. Unfortunately, they are not isolated cases.


Think about potential change, and then think about the cost of not implementing it. The cost of not implementing a great idea can be far greater than the implementation costs - yet the consequences hard to face. Don't take too long to decide to go for it - and look inside your box.

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