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October 2012

Dear Colleague:

Trusted advisor status cannot be easily acquired. For anyone to become a trusted advisor to another, this status must be personally earned. It is earned based on an individual's record of gaining respect and creating close relationships. It involves building trust - one encounter at a time. It is a favored status that exists in good times and when things get tough.


In this month's newsletter, Kathi VanOverberghe, Senior Manager, shares a real-life account of what it takes to build trust. Contact Peritius at 847-808-9999 to hear more about how to become a trusted advisor within your organization.


Best regards,


Alisa Speese
Chief Innovation Officer
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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A Lesson in Communication ...

by Kathi VanOverberghe, PMP
Senior Manager


Communicate in dictionary Our message is as much what we say as what we don't say.


Project management is 90% communication with our verbal message delivered through our tone as well as our words. The strength of that message is enhanced - or diminished - through our non-verbal cues. Communication goes beyond providing direction and creating accountability. It is about building an environment of trust and mutual respect.


So is it reflected in project success?


I had the opportunity to work on a large project in North Africa. It was my first international job and proved to be exciting as well as a bit intimidating. Intimidating because I found myself immersed in a unique business climate. I was an English-speaking contact interfacing with a client organization where many employees were not well versed in English. The situation was compounded by vast cultural differences which presented a landmine of obstacles that could result in the wrong message being "heard." As would be expected, there were many successes and failures along the way for both organizations while navigating the communication obstacle course.


One experience in particular crystallized in my mind the power of both verbal and non-verbal communication ... an eye-opening lesson that reminded me of the importance of a skill that sometimes gets lost amid the focus of delivering results.


Global communicationWhen developing a framework for the project budget, I met with the client to establish a plan for gathering data. My senior contact was well versed in English, but he delegated implementation to an employee who did not speak English. This required a translator, adding another challenging dimension.


During my first information-gathering meeting, the translator and I walked into the team member's office to a cool and indifferent reception. As the translator delivered the message, I was acutely aware that my interaction with the translator was being closely observed. Timing and client cooperation were critical to this project, so each day that we left the office without a commitment was discouraging. However, on the fourth day things were different. The team member greeted me with a handshake and a smile, as well as the preliminary data that had been requested all week. But most shockingly, he spoke directly to me ... in English! He was straightforward when he told me that he wanted to see and hear my words to determine if he could trust me to respect him and his team. Having effectively passed my communication "test," we proceeded to work together, reaching successful closure.


It was a small but meaningful lesson, reminding me of the power of our message ... as heard in any language.

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