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November 2010

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to our INSIGHT newsletter! We'll be sharing a helpful article each month with ideas for better project management. This month, we look at "Managing the Project Sponsor."

It's been one month since we changed our company name to Peritius, and the response has been wonderful. But what does it all mean?

The truth is that Peritius is all about change. In an environment where resources are pushed to the limit, budgets are tight, and money is spent on restructuring and strategizing, Peritius is helping our clients focus on results.

We know that there is no ROI in strategy, yet organizations spend fortunes on strategizing. Little effort goes into the important step of making those strategies a reality. Organizations also make the mistake of promoting their strong subject matter experts into positions as project managers, even though the skill sets required are very different. Faulty decisions like these often lead to problems with project implementation, completion and success.

Peritius allows your organization to focus on its core competency while we focus on ours -- knowing how to meet your objectives and deliver your strategy's ROI.

Contact us about your key initiatives if you want them completed right. And send us your suggestions for article topics for our upcoming newsletters. We look forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,

Laura Dribin Werner
President & CEO
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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Derived from the Latin word peritus

more expert, skilled, experienced

On October 1, 2010, Integrated Systems Management became Peritius Consulting.

Managing the Project Sponsor

By Alisa Speese, PMP

Practice Director


Business meeting"It's your fault."
"No, it's your fault!"

I have read so many articles lately written by project managers who are disappointed with their project sponsors' effectiveness. These articles are quick to point out the many transgressions of sponsors and their negative impact on project success. While they may be correct in these observations, there is a clear lack of ownership on the part of the project manager. It's time for project managers to add the ultimate task/deliverable to their project plans -- manage their project sponsors.

To do this, there are three main areas of focus; managing expectations, tracking progress and capturing "lessons learned."


Managing Expectations
The best time for project managers to ensure that sponsors understand what is expected of them is up-front, before the project even begins or during the project scoping and planning process. However, it is never too late to introduce expectations to your sponsor -- do it now. Some tasks, like obtaining funding, are readily achieved by most sponsors. Other tasks such as assisting in committing project stakeholders, celebrating the completion of major milestones and becoming a vocal champion for the change, benefits and improvements of the project may not be in the forefront of everyone's minds.

It is the project manager's job to bring these activities to the sponsor's attention and ensure that they are completed. Just as the project manager is responsible for ensuring that analysts complete analysis, trainers complete training and end-users complete user testing, it is the project manager's responsibility to guarantee that the sponsor becomes effective.


Tracking Progress
The project manager routinely tracks progress against plans, and this practice provides valuable information about the health of the project. However, this information rarely contains metrics related to sponsor effectiveness. Tracking information about sponsor effectiveness will help keep sponsors focused on what is important for the success of the project, just as it helps other team members. Consider tracking their overall involvement, communication, risk management and problem solving.


Capturing "Lessons Learned"
Every team member must have an opportunity to learn from past experience -- including the sponsor. The project manager will find that most sponsors are open to reviewing their effectiveness relative to project goals and learning from those findings. Include a section in the "lessons learned" report from which the sponsor can grow.

Take the challenge! Begin to actively manage your project sponsor, avoid the blame game and see the positive effect on your project success.

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