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May 2012

Dear Colleague:

Project success often remains elusive, and organizations struggle to understand how to deliver. There are many reasons for failure, and just as many opinions on what creates those failures. Yet, one thing is obvious: whether trying to keep your project on track or turning around a troubled project, it takes discipline to see the plan through to completion.

In this issue, Ricardo Viti takes a look at what it takes to have the discipline to stay the course. Please call us at 847-808-9999, and let us know how we can help your organization meet your strategic objectives.


Best regards,


Laura Dribin Werner
President & CEO
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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By Ricardo Viti
Senior Manager


What are key ingredients for a successful project?

Normally we consider factors such as: Cash Flow Management

  • A well-defined charter
  • An involved sponsor
  • A complete "set" of stakeholders
  • A well-defined, and approved, and accepted requirements
  • The right resources, at the right time, with the right skills

These elements define an "ideal" situation that rarely happens. To add to it, some of these circumstances are under the Project Manager's control, while others are not.

What is the one thing under the control of a project manager that will definitely keep the project alive and in a healthy status?

That aspect is simply: discipline.

Not the "military discipline," but rather the discipline of performing the right behaviors as a project manager; the discipline that will keep the project on top of the risks and the issues, and the discipline that will keep the team executing the assigned tasks, and help navigate the project through the rough corporate waters.

That is accomplished by ensuring, against all odds, that: Cash Flow Management

  • The weekly project status meetings take place with the majority of the team members
  • There is an agenda, and the first topic in that agenda is the action items from last week the previous meeting
  • Meeting minutes are written and distributed immediately after the meeting
  • Risks are reviewed periodically
  • The schedule and tasks that are upcoming are always reviewed
  • The schedule is updated every week
  • The status report is written every week, and discussed at the project team meeting

These are common sense project management activities that act like the glue to success.

Some may say that those activities always happen in every project. I would argue that they normally take place at the beginning of a project, but start to disappear when the project "loses steam" or is in trouble. This is why a project manager must be disciplined and constant in enforcing these good practices, and keep pushing and pulling the project team to the victory.

Delivery is Our Bread and Butter

At Peritius, we realize that discipline in delivery is a challenge for many organizations: this deficiency is one of the many reasons that only one-third of projects are delivered on time, on budget and within scope. Our firm boasts a much higher success rate that is owed largely to our focus on project discipline, along with an exclusive specialization on delivery of strategic initiatives.

Contact us at 847-808-9999, or, to partner with Peritius, and reap the rewards of discipline in delivery today!

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