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June 2012

Dear Colleague:

How do you escalate issues?

Project managers are bombarded with messaging all day long, and their job is to interpret and avoid misinterpretation. Between emails, instant messaging, quick hallway chats, and meetings there are so many ways that words can be misunderstood.

How often do you find that someone's words say "yes" but their body language says "no?"

Project managers have to listen to the words and read the available non-verbal signs to fully comprehend the message. This month, Nikhil Torsekar focuses on the art and science of language.


Best regards,


Laura Dribin Werner
President & CEO
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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Leveraging the Lexicon of Project Delivery

By Nikhil Torsekar
Senior Manager


Entiendo. Rozumiem. Je comprends. Nikhil Torsekar: Leveraging the Lexicon of Project Delivery

There are many ways to say it, but "I understand" is one of the most important things a project manager must effectively convey. When managing complex initiatives, consultants need to adapt to diverse industries, corporate cultures, and geographies. Language is an essential determinant of the PM's success as they communicate with sponsors, team members, and other stakeholders.

One typically considers geography when speaking of "language," given the ever-increasing globalization of commerce. The term takes on a broader context for the practitioner charged with orchestrating the efforts of SME's, vendors, and other team members. Granularity of detail is an important consideration: speaking with application architects, for instance, requires a different "dialect" from one used with C-level executives.

Mastering "project delivery speak" involves:

  1. Listening. Delivery practitioners should adhere to the "two ears, one mouth" adage, actively picking up verbal and non-verbal cues in both formal and informal exchanges.

  2. Reading. Whether reading a Supply Chain Management whitepaper or the latest Wall Street Journal, consultants must maintain a high-level awareness of the latest industry trends.

  3. Networking. Practitioners must leverage tools such as LinkedIn and participate in other forms of networking to engage with professionals in diverse fields, including attending industry events. Peritius consultants are regularly invited to present at leading conferences; this November, Laura Dribin Werner will be speaking at Project Summit Chicago.

Effective Project Delivery Spoken Here

Peritius consultants are experts in the language of project delivery, having successfully managed global initiatives in a broad range of industries and functional areas. Our consultants' diverse backgrounds enable us to engage with all levels of an organization, from C-level executives to recent college graduates. Contact us today at 847-808-9999 or to learn how your organization can leverage the lexicon of effective project delivery.

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