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February 2011

Dear Colleague:

Through the years I have frequently been questioned on my business decision to remain focused on project delivery services. Some say, "Why not branch out to a full service consulting firm?" Others have advised me that I should focus on staff augmentation rather than address the quality approach to project delivery that we do now.


Mug labeled 2011Our vision has never changed in 21 years of being in business. We measure our success by how well we meet our clients' strategic objectives. The truth is that few of our competitors can boast about successfully meeting their clients' objectives on time, on budget and within scope 96% of the time with a wide range of Fortune 1000 clients. Peritius can boast of this success and will not change its vision.


However, we are committed to innovation and will continue to raise the bar. As a result, Peritius Consulting is excited to announce a new strategic service offering, Portfolio Managed Services.


Please read the article below by Alisa Speese, our practice director, that focuses on what this service offering could mean to your organization. To learn more, please contact us at 847-808-9999 or


Best regards,


Laura Dribin Werner
President & CEO
Peritius Consulting, Inc.

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Derived from the Latin word peritus

more expert, skilled, experienced

On October 1, 2010, Integrated Systems Management became Peritius Consulting.

Introducing Peritius Portfolio Managed Services

By Alisa Speese, PMP
Practice Director


You care about your company's success. You are passionate about its strategy and goals. You embrace innovation and transformation as a means to achieve your company goals. However do you ever find that you are forced to lower your standards when it comes to successfully implementing the strategy to meet these goals? If you find it a challenge to successfully deliver every priority in the strategic portfolio, you are not alone. In fact, only 34% of projects succeed and most project budgets exceed plan by about 50%. This means that if you have a $10M budget, then you have a two out of three chance of exceeding your budget by $5M.


Peritius Portfolio Managed ServicesWhat if you could increase your chances or even guarantee success? Peritius Consulting is announcing a new expanded service offering that is a culmination of our 21-year track record of success. We have integrated the services, methods and tools which have allowed Peritius to attain a 96% success rate in project delivery. And we are so confident in our capabilities that we place a significant portion of our fees at risk - and only collect when we deliver against agreed-upon metrics. We call our new offering Peritius Portfolio Managed Services.


Focus, Focus, Focus
Managed Services is the practice of transferring day-to-day management responsibility as a strategic method for improved, effective and efficient operations. You continue to own and have direct oversight of the strategic direction, and do not relinquish the overall management responsibility of the organization. However, Peritius takes accountability for delivering your strategic initiatives on time, on budget, and with high quality.


We provide governance in the form of portfolio management, policy and method enforcement, progress and metrics reporting, and training and consulting. In addition, we provide organizational change management, program management, resource management and formal measurement against your return on investment. We focus on what we do best and allow you to focus on your core business strategy and competencies.

Business handshakeHere's How It Works
Peritius has developed strict guidelines around managing budget, scope, schedule and quality that hold us to contractually binding levels of service. We track and report performance against these guidelines on a monthly basis and work closely with our executive sponsors to ensure satisfaction.

Peritius' processes, which are based on industry best practices and fine-tuned by our professional experience, make outcomes predictable and measurable. We bring a framework that is flexible enough to operate within your environment with no disruption to your business.

Our tools of choice are Microsoft Enterprise Project Management and SharePoint. We have an array of templates pre-defined and ready to tailor and deploy in your environment.


Competitive Advantage
Implementing a Project Management Office (PMO) can be a difficult process. You have to deal with change and determine if you are on the right track sometimes with very little data. You need someone who understands the implementation process and can build and retain the relationships required to keep the PMO functioning successfully. While many organizations can and have implemented PMOs, the road is long and rocky at best and littered with failures.


By contrast, Peritius will have an operational PMO up and running in your environment within six weeks. And we have the soft skills as well as the change management expertise to keep your PMO consistently delivering success.


The bottom line is Peritius' Portfolio Managed Services offering is innovative, transformational and will provide you with the competitive advantage you need in today's marketplace. We take on the risk so you can focus on your business and your success.

About Peritius

Peritius Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps its clients execute their strategic plans. For over 21 years, Peritius has helped its clients navigate from vision to reality, allowing them to realize their strategic ROI. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you deliver strategy in the most effective, cost-efficient manner.   |     |     847-808-9999


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