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April 2013

Dear Colleague:

If you have been in business long enough, the reality is that you have dealt with conflict. Yet, it is human nature to want to avoid it. Some people will go the route of acquiescing to everything so they can avoid addressing the involved party. Others will go the more passive aggressive route ... saying that they agree and then ignoring the task at hand. I prefer the more direct approach myself.


Business discussionSo how do you handle conflict? In this month's Insight from Peritius newsletter, Ricardo Viti will examine how to avoid those "unrealism traps" that lead to conflict. These traps are the ones that get leaders in trouble when they do not know how to read the signs. Ricardo will address the age-old question ... "How do you get management to view the problems as if they owned them themselves?"


If you'd like to learn more about how to manage conflict and the "unrealism traps" that threaten your projects, contact Peritius Consulting at 312-605-8400 or

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Laura Dribin Werner

President & CEO
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The Magic of Realism

Be proactive in dismantling "unrealism traps" in your projects.


by Ricardo Viti, PMP
Senior Manager


Reality check signre·al·ism [ree-uh-liz-uh m] noun (

  1. interest in or concern for the actual or real, as distinguished from the abstract, speculative, etc.
  2. the attribute of accepting the facts of life and favoring practicality and literal truth.

And finally one simple definition:

  1. The tendency to view or represent things as they really are.

All of these definitions may seem obvious in the sophisticated corporate world, but they are not. Corporate projects are full of "unrealism traps" that damage business success factors and alter project fate.

Realism and project management

"All right, we'll follow this schedule. It is tight, but we are a great team and we will accomplish it," says the Project Manager.

Suddenly, the team's realism is being tested and some simple factors are not taken into consideration:

  • Team member considerations:
    • Vacations and other time away
    • Workload on other initiatives
    • Skills and knowledge
  • Completeness of plan (i.e., missing tasks)
  • Viability of estimate
  • Feasibility of the solution

What is the reason those aspects are not considered?

One of the factors may be lack of knowledge, but often the main factor is fear, fear of challenging authority and fear of challenging the status quo.


Business people looking at chartWhat can we do to fight lack of realism?

First, we need to understand that not dismantling an "unrealism trap" early in the project will have consequences in the future, and the damage will increase in proportion to the time we wait to dismantle it. So be proactive.

Next, reserve time to reflect on the plans and commitments before making a decision, use a "realism filter" to consider what you are going to commit to and voice any concerns.

Also, simulate in your mind what is going to take place, considering the timing and resource allocation, and ask yourself the question "Is this feasible ... really?"

In addition, keep the business result at the center of attention and constantly revisit the original business plan to keep on track.

Finally, represent things as they really are.

Need assistance navigating through the murky waters of unrealism? Contact me at and I would be happy to share my perspective.

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