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Are you sure that the funding for the current initiatives are in fact the optimal projects to help your organization realize its business strategy? If it seems that all of your initiatives are considered top priority or your project portfolio is exceeding workforce capacity, then we can help. A strong strategy realization process can help an organization chose the right efforts to meet business objectives.

Ingredients to govern

Peritius defines the following key components for effective governance:

  • Ability to align a team around a structured framework for accountability
  • Develop solid communication skills to keep the team engaged and the organization informed. Strong negotiation skills create a "win-win" culture
  • Timely decision making

What we bring to our clients

  • Peritius brings a foundation of proprietary processes to define and enrich the governance framework including, success metrics indices, executive alerts, and quarterly and annual business reviews. If your organization already has a process, no problem – we are able to lead to your structure.
  • Peritius will work with you to prioritize initiatives and clearly define the desired outcome of your portfolio projects to achieve your strategic vision.
  • We help our clients achieve success by combining our best practices with yours, then aligning with industry best practice.


Collaborative Portfolio Planning

Peritius has a planning solution that guides clients through the process of establishing priority order, selecting projects and allocating resources based on head-to-head comparison against prioritized values. The result is a value-based, defensible project portfolio that has full buy-in from the stakeholder community.

Portfolio Management

Peritius has a portfolio management process that provides support for demand management, integrated prioritization of new initiatives and portfolio governance. The result is improved delivery of our client's portfolio of projects, achieved value based on the business strategy, aligned and managed resources, and project quality metrics.

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