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On occasion a program or project runs off track, leaving stakeholders at a loss regarding how to re-direct the process to achieve the organization’s desired result.

This is where Peritius Consulting can help. We have designed services that objectively evaluate projects and programs currently in progress, validate the progress and provide recommendations for getting back on track when not headed in the right direction.

Ingredients to enhance

Peritius can enhance current project performance by offering an objective assessment:

  • Quick thinkers – we gain an in-depth understanding of the situation in a short period of time because we are familiar with the types of things to look for on a project
  • Analytical thought leaders that identify and prioritize gaps, providing both short and long term recommendations for closing gaps

What we bring to our clients

  • Prevent surprises
  • Recommend improvements
  • Correct gaps


Solution Delivery Assessment

Our Solution Delivery Assessment is an independent verification and assessment tool that evaluates your organization's delivery maturity using our proprietary modeling structure.

Health Check

Our Health Check offering is an independent verification and assessment tool that provides a framework for evaluating the performance and the maturity level of your project or program.

Turnaround Framework

Peritius' Turnaround Framework systematically identifies the root cause of project failures to create actionable recommendations to put your project back on track.

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