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Current Positions

Senior Manager

Job Description

The Senior Manager at Peritius Consulting is a management consultant that delivers strategic initiatives of our clients. Peritius’ competitive advantage in the industry is its ability to attain an advisory role within the client and achieve their business outcome. Therefore, the ability to communicate to and advise C level executives (or project sponsors) is an important part of our value. In this full time role, the Project Manager will be on site at the client a minimum of 4 days per week. This role requires a willingness to commute throughout the Chicago Metro area (city and suburbs).  Although Peritius has a local delivery model, some outside travel may be necessary.  The consultants report to the Vice President of Delivery Services.

Must Haves for the Peritius Senior Manager role:

  • Must be able to quickly understand how the client does business and the importance of your project in order to become a "value add" consultant and help drive results. (You can't get away with "I never worked in this industry before" for very long. It’s okay in the very beginning but they must see quickly that you are catching on, can ask valuable questions and start making progress!!) 
  • Must be able to master different communication methods and styles and know how and when to use them in order to be effective. (Basically you need to know when an email is just not going to cut it, set up a meeting and talk to people!!)
  • Must be a master of diplomacy. Must never say "no" without alternatives. Must always make your leads and sponsors look good in front of their peers and leaders, even if you need to take a hit for it. They will treat you like gold afterward. 
  • Must be able to demonstrate skill and experience instead of reciting your resume as a means to convey credentials
  • Must be able to connect-the-dots without needing step-by-step instructions
  • Must be able to plan, make a decision and execute a course of action (as needed, adjust and re-direct with better/newer information)
  • Must be able to handle conflict resolution and discern when escalation is perceived as negative
  • Must be able to manage a large program or project from a tactical level, and provide guidance where necessary to client sponsorship/leadership.
  • Must enjoy execution!!
  • Must be willing to contribute to a fun work environment (costumes optional)
  • Will collaborate with Peritius colleagues as much as possible
  • Must be able to manage difficult people
  • Must be able to fake it till you make it and you need to make it quick!
  • Must have a cool life outside of work so you can socialize and relate to people
  • Must be willing and able to “do anything” … with a smile
  • Must know how to motivate people
  • Must like people
  • Must like puppies (because if you don’t something is wrong with you)
  • Must be able to influence without authority
  • Must be able to provide clarity in an environment where things are chaotic and then share that vision with the client
  • Must be able to convey excitement about even the most boring project or task
  • Must have strong opinions but be smart enough to know when to change them
  • Must be entrepreneurially inclined!
  • Must have AND maintain a sense of humor

Preferred Requirements

  • College Degree
  • PMP certification
  • Technical orientation

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