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Peritius supports a broad spectrum of consumer-product manufacturers by executing on initiatives that streamline internal costs and maximize brand equity to their customers.

We deliver value-based initiatives that are developed to respond to industry challenges and opportunities

Our clients are world leaders in the consumer goods industry. We assist our clients with initiatives related to market research, product innovation, branding and marketing, and streamlining internal costs. Our clients tell us that they value our leadership to respond to the unique challenges and opportunities of the consumer goods industry.

We serve consumer goods clients that are as varied as the subsectors within the industry. We work with both large and small companies across the spectrum of subsectors that make up the consumer products landscape. Industry subsectors include appliances, toys, furniture and home furnishings, recreational boats, motorcycles, games, gifts, greeting cards, school and office products, jewelry, sporting goods, musical instruments, and processed foods and beverages.

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