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Our Clients

Peritius knows that the best client relationships are the ones that are founded on respect, trust and mutual engagement. We believe that we can provide our clients with the best results because we genuinely care about seeing them succeed, and we are willing to work just as hard as they are on their business initiatives.

We help our clients through portfolio strategy development, project portfolio execution (PPE), and PPE managed services. We’ve developed a number of tools and processes that have helped Peritius attain and maintain a 96% success rate for project delivery, when the rest of the industry rests nearer to 36%. We use those tools to kick start projects and sustain the early momentum to move the project forward. During the time we work together, we transfer these processes to our clients’ employees so the company can continue to benefit from our services long after the project has ended.

We believe in our processes so much that we stake a portion of our fees on the project’s completion. We only collect when we deliver against agreed-upon metrics. Getting projects done on time, in scope and at or under budget is one of our core competencies, and we have set up our entire business around meeting that expectation for our clients.

Peritius has an extensive client list of clients from a variety of industries, including technology, healthcare, retail, energy and government. We’ve worked with a number of clients on the Fortune 1000 list, in addition to our work with government agencies.



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