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"Peritius program and project managers are the best at communicating with stakeholders, running all phases of the project and getting to tangible results. They take ideas and translate them into clear project actions and outcomes."
Program Manager, HR Consulting Firm



About Us

Strategy is powerful ... career building ... exciting. Executives are rewarded and promoted for thinking outside of the box and thinking the “big thoughts." To ensure their success, they often invest in management consultants to support their strategy build. In fact, companies spent approximately 165 billion in 2011 for management consultants to help develop the right strategy for an organization. Why not? ... A great idea often leads to promotion.

But what happens after the strategy is developed? The unsuccessful execution of a strategy can  be a ‘career limiting’ event for an executive leader. Defining ways to improve the business requires strategic thinkers capable of thinking outside of the box. Implementing that strategy requires an equally unusual mix of skills including people skills. Skills that enable the organization to change, work at all layers, knock down roadblocks (often created when an organization is needs to alter its course) and translate strategy into a reasonable, workable solution. This is where Peritius excels.

Peritius is a management consulting firm focused on strategic delivery. We take our clients’ vision and translate it to reality. We understand that our clients own the vision and should direct the outcome. So, we act as the executive’s chief of staff. We work to ensure that everything is in place to help our clients realize their strategy.

Peritius’s strength lies in our focus, accountability and consistency.

Peritius is Focused

We understand that “making things happen” is a specialized ability that is developed over time and contains the perfect mix of people and process skills. Our project managers are our biggest assets, which is why Peritius’s strategy delivery executives have an average of 20 years of experience in managing complex initiatives.

For Peritius, execution is not about process, methodology or tools. If it were, then others would deliver the same way we do and industry success rates would climb. We don’t offer all the services that other firms might because we excel at providing excellent professionals who can work with teams on a global scale.

We know what we’re good at and we’re sticking to it.


We are different than our competition in that we measure our success against the objectives that you have set. If we don’t deliver your objectives, we fail. We believe in our clients and it is our responsibility to deliver our clients’ strategic initiatives successfully, timely and cost effectively. We believe that too many organizations go back to the drawing board to create new strategies when they fail. At Peritius, we believe that in most cases, organizations may not have the right skill sets to lead a transformation effort which can ultimately cause a failure. The strategy may be right, but your execution may be wrong.


Peritius has a broad industry level of experience that we have been able to bring to bear with our clients.  We’ve been working with some of the largest Fortune 1000 clients for over 23 years and have been able to bring a level of consistent successful implementations that they’ve come to expect from us. We’ve guided our clients through operational transformations, strategic turnarounds, application integrations and regulatory compliance advances, in addition to implementing business solutions for top executives at Fortune 1000 clients.

We believe if it is worth investing time and money into creating a strategy, it’s worth investing the right skills to implement that strategy.

Peritius. Choose success.




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